TruGuard is your go-to tool for monitoring your pharmacy benefit management contract.

How It Works

 TruGuard validates claims-level accuracy using Truveris' proprietary technology. We re-adjudicate 100% of your prescription drug claims to ensure you and your members are billed accurately, and that your contract's guarantees are met.

Reviews Every Claim
Produces Quarterly PBM Performance Reports
Helps You Take Action


What You Get With TruGuard

Complete pharmaceutical claims re-adjudication of submitted claims set

Review of pharmaceutical claims accuracy

Identification of claims errors and overcharges

Reports for demonstrating PBM performance and contract compliance

PBM Performance Reports

The results of your pharmaceutical claims analysis are available in a simple report that includes:

Utilization Report:

Insight into volume and cost within a reporting period – a quick summary of your pharmacy utilization.


Variance Analysis Report:

Identifies inaccuracies in claims-level pricing, showing you the difference in volume and cost.


Guarantee Performance Report:

This measures your PBM contract’s performance against its pricing guarantees.


Contact us to learn how you can use TruGuard to ensure your PBM contract terms are accurate and fulfilled.

TruGuard is Flexible to Meet Your Needs

TruGuard can analyze any size data set for any given time period

Truveris works with dozens of PBMs

Truveris analyzes hundreds of millions of prescription drug claims every year