TruAudit™ is a pharmacy claims auditing solution that helps employer groups and benefits brokers identify pharmacy benefit contract errors and prepare for recovery.


Why Consider TruAudit?

Managing the pharmacy benefit is complicated. With so many moving pieces, it’s easy for details to get overlooked in complicated PBM contracts.

Changes in plan design and switching PBMs are just two examples where issues may be indicative of larger contract errors. Now there’s a solution to uncover these kinds of errors and get your pharmacy benefit back on track.

How Does TruAudit Work?

TruAudit uses a proprietary system to readjudicate 100% of your pharmacy claims
according to your specific contract guarantees.

Through 32 unique audits, TruAudit validates the accuracy of your contract’s financials, rebates, benefit design, clinical edits, and EWGP compliance.


Benefit Design Audits

Track the financial impact of plan design errors and identify areas for improvement.


Clinical Audits

Validate clinical exclusions, prior authorizations, quantity limits, and step therapy edits.


Financial Audits

Confirm the accuracy of drug costs and dispensing fees, allowing you to observe financial trends and call-out claims inaccuracies.


Rebate Audits

Validate the accuracy of manufacturer rebates, looking to see if the correct rebate rates were applied and that rebates were invoiced for all eligible claims.


EGWP Audits

Review group waiver plan details to validate admin fees, subsidies, discounts, and reinsurance.


Introducing TruBid Express Premium

Big news! We have upgraded TruBid Express to a premium, full-service solution to make it even easier for brokers and their clients to select and manage pharmacy benefit plans. We're calling this upgraded solution TruBid Express Premium.

New Features of TruBid Express Premium
Core Process

Pre-Negotiated Deals: Pre-Negotiated PBM offers pre-loaded onto our platform

Performance Report Card: Re-adjudicate every claim to ensure your clients and their members are being billed accurately and are getting all the contracted discounts


Designated Account Manager: A designated account manager will be available to provide support through email or phone

New Features in 2018

Full Service: Truveris pharmacy benefit experts run quotes for you in the TruBid Express system, saving you the time and effort of uploading claims and running reports

Incumbent Check: We get offers from your clients' incumbent PBM even if it is not on our platform

Results Presentation: We present and clarify our results so you are confident you're choosing the best PBM

Contract Compare: Comparison of pricing and key terms between the contract and the quote for consistency

Plan Design Support: We discuss improvements to plan design for lower plan costs while minimizing member disruption

Implementation Support: We review your implementation checklist and address questions during the implementation process

PBM Meetings: We attend annual dial-in meetings with your client's PBM


Don’t lose money due to errors in your PBM contract. Learn how TruAudit can ensure contract accuracy.