Renewal OptimizerTM

Do you know if you are paying more than market rates for your pharmacy benefits? Renewal Optimizer helps employers in the last year of their pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) contract to get a better renewal offer.

Get a better deal from your incumbent pharmacy benefits manager with Renewal Optimizer

If you’re in the last year of your PBM contract and have not signed the renewal contract, Truveris Renewal Optimizer will help you:


Understand Market Rates for RX Benefits

Negotiate with your PBM to get a better renewal offer

Get a PBM contract with language to avoid loopholes and maximize rebates

Monitor and report errors and contract deviations regularly

Truveris Renewal Optimizer Provides:

Greater Control Over Pharmacy Benefits Spending and Benefit Design

Reduced Loopholes in PBM Contracts that Raise Costs

Peace of Mind that Pharmacy Benefits Experts are on your side

No Disruption Associated with Changing PBM

Objective, Independent Evaluation of Your Renewal Offer

Vision Into Competitive PBM Offers

The Truveris Process

Analyze Renewal Offer
Negotiate with PBM
Tighten PBM Contracting
Monitor Plan Performance

How It Works


PBM Rate Comparison

Produces a benchmarking report that compares your PBM renewal offer against market rates, giving you the leverage to go out to bid.


Contract Review

Support in the PBM contracting process and ensured specificity of performance requirements.


Unlock the Power of Bill Review

Real time and quarterly monitoring of PBM bills to ensure your members are receiving expected Rx plan performance.



Dedicated PBM specialist for contract and plan support through email, phone, and online.

Don’t leave money on the table.
Learn more about how you can save on your next PBM contract.