TruBid Express is the industry’s first and largest online PBM marketplace to give small and mid-sized employers instant access to objective, transparent, and competitive PBM offers.

Why consider TBX?

For small and mid-sized employers, RFPs are often too expensive and PBMs can be non-responsive.
As a broker, you want to make sure you’re helping clients make an objective, independent comparison among as many PBMs as you can, but time is limited, and your book of business is large.
TruBid Express can help.


The TruBid Express Process


Competitive PBM Offers

Instantly compare pre-negotiated PBM offers based on your claims data


Comprehensive Analysis

Summary of annual savings and member impact, powered by our proprietary algorithm.


Contract Optimization

Generate air-tight PBM contracts to streamline contracting process


Performance Report Card

Ongoing monitoring to ensure accurate billing and expected prescription plan benefits



Industry experts are available for support throughout the TruBid Express process

How it Works

How TruBid Express Works

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The interface for TBX is really excellent and makes it really easy to use. 
My experience with Truveris is really good. My account manager answered questions quickly and the team's been great to work with.