A Strategic Approach to Driving Patient Engagement

Increase medication adherence and compliance with targeted programs built to reach and engage your patients where they are with personalized content.

Medication adherence depends on reaching patients at the right time, in the right place.

We believe in building a comprehensive patient access strategy, which means our Patient Engagement platform leverages brand and patient data from across the pharmacy ecosystem. We use that data to communicate specialized offers and incentives that drive desired behaviors by communicating through the channels and messaging to your patients most effectively.

Our Patient Engagement services provide a crucial link for patient access programs

Improved Outcomes

Reduced Patient Abandonment

Increased Medication Adherence

Optimized Patient Communication

Make Refills Easy

Text to Refill Reminders & OneTouch Refill programs make refills convenient and top of mind.

Reach Patients When, Where and How it Matters

Know when and how to connect with patients based on their copay activity. Available in multiple languages.

Test-and-Learn Monitoring

Generate insights from comprehensive analytics for continuous adjustments and improvement.

Drive More First Fills

Identify and engage patients who have a prescription but have not filled it at the pharmacy.


Case Study: Building a Better Patient Engagement Strategy

80% of customers enrolled in Truveris text programs adhere to their medication. Learn how we helped a large dermatology brand achieve a 61% increase in their text-to-activate program’s opt-in-rate.

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