TruBid is a cloud-based reverse auction platform that simplifies and optimizes the RFP process for PBM contracts.


Why Consider TruBid®

TruBid helps mid-to large-sized organizations tighten their PBM contracting language, secure the best deal to accommodate their needs, and manage the full lifecycle of their pharmacy benefits contract.

How does TruBid® Work?

The TruBid platform goes beyond spreadsheets to secure the lowest rates from vendors, seamlessly incorporate complex contracting terms, and address rising specialty costs at a fraction of the time & effort of a traditional open bid process.

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Now Introducing TruBid Premium

With TruBid Premium, large employers get unprecedented access into their pharmaceutical spend and plan.

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TruBid is a cloud-based auction and oversight platform , that helps mid-to-large employers manage and oversee the full lifecycle of their pharmacy benefits.

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TruBid Premium is designed to meet the complex needs of large, sophisticated employers. This is our most comprehensive solution, delivering unprecedented access to our technology and industry expertise.

Multiple rounds of bidding 2 rounds 3 rounds
Contracting support not-found not-found
TruGuard" Billing (ongoing review) Included Included
Implementation support not-found not-found
Benifit plan design support 5hrs 15hrs
Specialty and clinical plan support 8hrs/year 24hrs/year
In-person representation at annual contract review meeting not-found
Market Check not-found


TruReport delivers transparency through a data-driven source of truth via reports generated from Truveris’ solutions.


TruReport provides plan-specific information for informed decision-making throughout the PBM lifecycle. For ease of procurement and PBM contracting, unlike spreadsheets, TruReport delivers detailed insights on total plan spend by PBM over the life of the contract for informed decision-making.


Unmatched confidence, clarity, and control throughout the lifecycle of your contract. 


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