Our data-driven solution helps you understand and shop for PBM contracts so you can make smarter decisions about your company’s prescription drug coverage.

Bringing Transparency & Peace of Mind to the Pharmacy Benefit RFP Process

Truveris’ proprietary reverse auction platform helps mid-to-large employers get the best deal on a PBM contract. Truveris also offers continuous Bill Review through a cloud-based platform that analyzes every claim for accuracy

TruBid® Enables You To:

Gain Greater Control Over Your Company’s Pharmacy Benefits Spending and Benefit Design

Reduce the Amount of Time Spent Conducting an RFP Process

Reduce Complexity and Headaches in the RFP Process

Reduce Loopholes in PBM Contracts that Raise Costs Over Time

Gain Transparency with an Objective, Independent Evaluation of Multiple PBMs of Your Choice

Have Peace of Mind that Pharmacy Benefits Experts are on Your Side

Left unchecked, your Pharmacy Benefits could continually increase by 8.8%

The TruBid® Process

Optimize the Bid Process
Tighten PBM Contracting
Monitor Plan Performance

How TruBid® Works

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