Copay Programs Built on Comprehensive Data and Strategic Insights

Making sure your copay program is optimized for the dynamic healthcare landscape is a key element of your access strategy and one of the biggest line items in your budget.

Improve Patient Access
Increase Patient Adherence
Control Copay Program Spend


Not All Copay Programs are Created Equal

We use data driven insights and a deep experience across the pharmacy benefit landscape to design, implement and optimize a program that improves patient engagement, reduces abandonment and increases adherence.

Program Design and Optimization

Our team takes the time to understand your brand’s high-level goals. We then leverage our industry experience, combined with a comprehensive internal and external data set to design a custom, targeted program that will help you achieve those objectives.

Creative Design and Training

We support the brand in the creative design and messaging process for cards, websites and other assets as well as help develop training materials that will drive your copay program’s success.

Dynamic Coupon Activation and Adjudication

We implement coupon activation across channels to meet the patient where they are (Web, IVR and SMS) to capture CRM data and ensure compliance. Our adjudication technology ensures card acceptance at all retailers.

Call Center Support

We provide managed phone support for pharmacists, patients and physicians to ensure that they get the assistance they need, when they need it.

Real-Time, Web-based Analytics Platform

With our easy-to-use platform, your brand, analytics and sales teams have 24/7, real-time access to ensure that you truly understand how your program is performing and when you need to make adjustments.

Project Management

We manage every part of your copay program—from the initial kick off meeting to the actual roll out. From that point on, your designated account manager will provide ongoing support and expert consultation throughout the program process.

Ongoing Program Optimization and Quarterly Review

We will proactively monitor your program and make seamless changes if necessary. We also hold comprehensive quarterly performance reviews and provide recommendations to ensure your success.

We Ensure that our Clients’ Copay Programs Succeed

Our team of industry experts serve as strategic partners, bringing expertise from across the entire industry. To us, it’s not just about whether your copay program is effective - it’s about forming a deep understanding of your business and your goals to create an innovative strategy that takes into account every player in the pharmaceutical ecosystem.


Our technology, combined with deep insights based on data generated throughout the patient journey, delivers the Truveris difference. Our commitment is to deliver:


Improved Patient Engagement





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