Benefits Check provides real-time, accurate benefits information to physicians and call center agents so patients can understand their true out-of-pocket cost and coverage before arriving at the pharmacy.

Better customer service for physicians and patients
Fewer callbacks and easier prescribing
Real-time, accurate copay and coverage information


The Benefits Check Solution

Benefits Check is offered as an enterprise portal or as an API implementation.

Enterprise Portal

Customized drug/NDC list, messaging tailored to your brand’s objectives, and the ability to included brand assets

API Implementation

Build Benefits Check information into your native workflow with our fully flexible API.

Coupon integration

Calculate coupon savings on top of copay to ensure that patients and physicians understand the true out-of-pocket cost.

Support and Training

We provide ongoing expert phone support for reps, physicians and/or call center agents as well as tailored training sessions.

Clear, concise analytics

Understand how coverage, copays, and deductibles change across the year, and evaluate which restrictions are having the biggest impact on your brand.

We Ensure that our Clients’ Patient Access Programs Succeed

Our team of industry experts serve as strategic partners to help the brands we work with improve transparency for patients and physicians. With improved transparency, physicians can prescribe with confidence, improving patient access and leading to more filled prescriptions.

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