How to Make Smarter Decisions About Your Company’s Prescription Drug Spend

TruBid brings greater transparency and efficiency to the world of PBM management

The Future of PBM Management is Here

As pharmacy benefit costs continue to rise, companies need to be able to make smart decisions about their prescription drug spend. But PBM management is no easy task.

It’s near impossible to weigh the pros and cons of a PBM bid with manual processes alone. Yet that’s where most companies find themselves, parsing through large spreadsheets that don’t give them a clear picture into the most competitive pricing out there.

Watch the video to learn how you can find big savings on your pharmacy spend with TruBid, a big data analytics platform that brings transparency and efficiency to the world of PBM management.

Video Transcript:

Rising costs and increasing health care spend are affecting everyone.

As drug costs escalate, it’s not just your bottom line that’s taking a hit. It’s more difficult to provide your members with access to affordable medications.

Truveris helps HR leaders understand pharmacy benefit jargon and take control of complex pricing with TruBid.

TruBid is a big data analytics platform that puts PBM contracts out to bid, creating competition to deliver the best result. TruBid makes it easy to understand PBM contracts so you can make smarter decisions about your company’s prescription drug spend.

Other groups use large spreadsheets to compare PBMs. This is an antiquated way of analyzing your claims level data that opens you up to human error.

With TruBid, you move beyond the limits of spreadsheet calculations. We automate most of the work for you, providing access to competitive pricing from multiple PBMs who compete for your business. Professional, easy-to-read reports are automatically generated, including 3-year pricing proposals, legal terms, and PBM scores that look beyond pricing, so you can make the best choice for your plan.

And our service doesn’t stop when the selection process ends. TruBid not only helps you secure the lowest rates. Once you’ve selected a plan, Truveris provides ongoing, claim-by-claim oversight and reporting to ensure the PBM performs to the standards set in your contract.

TruBid can help you address rising costs with less time and effort than a traditional open bid process.

Gain transparency, efficiency, and peace of mind knowing your pharmacy benefit contract is optimized for your needs.

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