COVID-19 challenges us to adapt to a 'new normal'.

COVID-19 challenges us to adapt to a 'new normal'.


COVID-19 challenges us to adapt to a 'new normal' and problem-solve for the future. What does this mean for you?

Simply stated, Truveris’ mission is to make prescription drugs affordable. COVID-19 has brought a lot of change, which can have downstream impact to members affording their medications:

  • Governments are closing establishments like restaurants and bars to limit social gathering
  • Travel and recreational industries are temporarily closing
  • Schools have converted to e-learning, in some states for the rest of the school year
  • Some states have mandated ‘shelter in place’ orders

With COVID-19 and the continued uncertainty of what is yet to come, making sure member ability to afford their medications during this pandemic is top of mind for our organization.

Over the past decade, many plan sponsors have adopted prescription drug programs that have a mandatory 90-day program. These programs require members on certain maintenance medications for chronic disease states such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, asthma to fill for 90 days (and not less). While these programs do help control costs and improve medication adherence, in the short term, they could impose unintended financial barriers for many Americans.

What can Plan Sponsors do?

  1. Temporarily suspend any mandatory 90-day medication requirements (work with your Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) to understand any financial implications to suspending this program)
  2. Consider implementing your PBM’s mail-order partial pay program, if offered
  3. Encourage pharmaceutical manufacturers to expand patient access programs
  4. Encourage members to explore cost-saving initiatives outlined below

What can Members do?

Engage with your PBM to share your financial concerns.  Many PBMs can help members:

  1. Finding lower cost medication alternatives
  2. Understand if your PBM offers a partial pay program where you pay for mail-order medications monthly (instead of a three-month payment at one time)
  3. See if there are any financial assistance programs in place from the pharmaceutical manufacturer
  4. Ask if there is a less expensive pharmacy that can dispense the medication



A clinical professional with a diverse background in the pharmacy industry, Alysha brings experience ranging from retail pharmacy to working with Fortune 500 companies to identify and achieve the goals of their pharmacy benefit plans. Alysha leads the company’s thought leadership initiatives and is responsible for strategic account management. Before joining Truveris, she worked in Aon Hewitt's National Pharmacy Practice and practiced as both a hospital clinical pharmacist and a retail pharmacist.


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