TruBid Express is the industry’s first and largest online PBM marketplace to give small and mid-sized employers instant access to objective, transparent, and competitive PBM offers.


Why Consider TruBid Express?

For small and mid-sized employers, RFPs are often too expensive and PBMs can be non-responsive.

As a broker, you want to make sure you’re helping clients make an objective, independent comparison among as many PBMs as you can, but time is limited, and your book of business is large.

How does TruBid® Express Work?

So that you and your clients enter into PBM contracts confident you’ve secured the best possible offer to meet your needs, TruBid Express provides a comprehensive savings analysis, regular PBM performance report cards, as well as plan design and implementation support.

Powered by proprietary algorithms the Truveris team of pharmacy benefit experts, you get:


Competitive PBM Offers

Instantly compare pre-negotiated PBM offers based on your claims data


Comprehensive Analysis

Summary of annual savings and member impact, powered by our proprietary algorithm.


Contract Optimization

Generate air-tight PBM contracts to streamline contracting process


Performance Report Card

Ongoing monitoring to ensure accurate billing and expected prescription plan benefits


Expert Support

Industry experts are available for support throughout the TruBid Express process

Features of TruBid Express

We have upgraded TruBid Express to a full-service solution to make it even easier for brokers and their clients to select and manage pharmacy benefit plans.

Features of TruBid Express
Core Process

Pre-Negotiated Deals: Pre-Negotiated PBM offers pre-loaded onto our platform

Performance Report Card: Re-adjudicate every claim to ensure your clients and their members are being billed accurately and are getting all the contracted discounts


Designated Account Manager: A designated account manager will be available to provide support through email or phone

New Features in 2018

Full Service: Truveris pharmacy benefit experts run quotes for you in the TruBid Express system, saving you the time and effort of uploading claims and running reports

Incumbent Check: We get offers from your clients' incumbent PBM even if it is not on our platform

Results Presentation: We present and clarify our results so you are confident you're choosing the best PBM

Contract Compare: Comparison of pricing and key terms between the contract and the quote for consistency

Plan Design Support: We discuss improvements to plan design for lower plan costs while minimizing member disruption

Implementation Support: We review your implementation checklist and address questions during the implementation process

PBM Meetings: We attend annual dial-in meetings with your client's PBM


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