A better way to buy and manage pharmacy benefits

Cut costs, not benefits.

Pharmacy benefit costs are difficult to understand let alone manage. We believe that what you can’t see, you can’t measure, and what you can’t measure, you can’t manage.


Truveris gives employers clarity and control in buying and managing pharmacy benefits through objective, comprehensive pharmacy benefits analytics and services. We deliver expert services driven by an intense focus on pharmacy benefit management – that’s what we do, and we do it with a passion for transparency.

Truveris is an objective pharmacy benefits insights and solutions partner that leverages data-driven technology to validate and reduce pharmacy costs.


Our mission is to provide payers confidence in their pharmacy benefits to support better employee health, productivity, and satisfaction.


Everything you need to effectively monitor, measure, and manage pharmacy benefits

Our solutions are designed and curated for employers of all sizes providing expert support from PBM procurement to ongoing oversight to optimizing pharmacy benefits plan performance. Truveris has you covered.


                        Pharmacy cost-containment solutions

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A pharmacy benefits partner.


For the last decade, Truveris has maintained and lived out its mission of helping people live healthier by making prescription drugs more affordable and accessible.

As a technology-driven, people-oriented company, we assist a wide range of employer groups from large and small employers to unions and government entities manage their pharmacy benefit spend without transferring financial burden to their plan’s members.

Truveris is an independent, objective third party that works with all PBMs to drive choice, clarity, and competition with no requirement to join a collaborative or coalition.


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