I already have a broker -- can I still use Truveris?

Yes, Truveris helps employers manage their pharmacy benefits spend regardless of if they have a broker already. Truveris is focused on Rx. We help companies ranging from small businesses to F500 with their Rx benefits and help them save significantly more than their existing consultants/brokers. We understand PBM contract nuances and loopholes and have a Rx-specific, claim-level adjudication platform. We regularly work with brokers and consultants to help their clients. With our help, your consultant can offer you better value.

I already have a good deal, why do I need your help?

If it’s been 2 years or longer since going to market, then you have been left behind with all the movement in the PBM market. Rebates and network discounts grow every year with prescription drug inflation. You need to go to market in order to secure higher rebates as well as network discounts. We find that most PBM contracts have loopholes that prevent you from realizing the promised savings. The end of every Rx contract is an opportunity to secure a better contract and additional savings.

Will you provide the savings that you say you will?

We put our money where our mouth is. We offer a level of savings higher than our competition. This doesn’t even include the additional expertise that we bring to the table, giving our customers the confidence that they are making the right choice.A portion of our fees isn’t guaranteed, and we take on a good amount of risk. We do this because we are confident in our abilities to achieve savings for your company and produce the results you need.

Will my data be secured?

Truveris offers the market’s only cloud-based, bid management and claim review platform recognized for its “SOC 2 security compliance.” This is the industry’s highest security standard for safeguarding sensitive patient claim data.

What are the top reasons why employers start looking for a solution?

PBM contract ending
High cost of pharmacy drugs
Dissatisfaction with current PBM
New HR or benefits leader
New broker
Business change – consolidation of vendors

What percent of my benefits is pharmacy spend?

According to a 2016 study from the Kaiser Family Foundation, Rx cost often consumes 21% of employers’ total healthcare spend.

What is the average savings?

The average savings for Truveris customers is 12%, and 100% of customers save money.

When should I initiate the process?

It depends on when your current PBM contract ends. If the new plan starts at least 180 days from now, we’ll suggest TruBid, and if the new plan starts at least 90 days from now, we’ll suggest TruBid Express.

Can I stay with my current PBM and still save money?

Yes. After optimizing the bid process, Truveris helps customers tighten their PBM contracting by employing best practices to avoid loopholes and maximize rebates. Truveris also hopes to standardize drug classifications to optimize discounts.

Who does Truveris help?

Truveris’ customers can be segmented into two general groups: brokers, employers, and labor in the first group, and pharmaceutical manufacturers in the second group. Truveris helps employers manage their pharmacy benefits spend. Employers struggling to tame their rising pharmacy benefits spend should use our solutions. Truveris technology platform serves all market segments. TruBid Express is built for a smaller market that covers less than 3,500 lives. TruBid offers further customization for mid-large size market.

What makes Truveris different?

At the core of Truveris’ solutions are the people. We are strategic partners, not vendors. Our team of industry professionals understand today’s landscape and can anticipate tomorrow’s challenges. Truveris technology is built to scale. We provide reliable execution and real-time data to enable targeted patient engagement. We provide software for the entire pharmacy benefits value chain. We understand how players interact and how to influence behavior.

What does Truveris do?

We actively provide solutions to reduce cost, improve adherence, broaden access and increase transparency.