How Truveris Helped the New Jersey Education Association Save $1.6 Billion

Truveris technology helped the NJEA maintain member benefits while saving 18% on their prescription benefit spend.
For NJEA members, healthcare costs were rising more than salaries.
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 Prescription spend was a large contributor to these rising costs, with members seeing double-digit percentage increases in their personal prescription costs. 

With the help of Truveris TruBid technology, the NJEA received three competitive PBM bids based on historical data from the state's 2016 prescription spend.

After only two months, the state selected a three-year PBM contract that will save them over $500 million in average annual savings.

Here's what the NJEA's representatives had to say about working with Truveris and the outcome achieved:

"It was a nice moment to see members open up their paychecks for the first time in a couple of years and say 'I actually got a raise.'"
“We should be looking for companies like yours to help move the state forward, save money, save jobs, and keep the average person chugging along.”

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