Trusting the Data

A brand team overcomes their initial resistance to changing copay programs and is rewarded with stronger sales and lower costs.


An anti-inflammatory brand of a leading U.S. pharmaceutical company had multiple independently operated copay programs that were inefficient. In spite of the inefficiencies, the brand team was concerned that any changes to the program would adversely impact sales. Additionally, their primary competitor launched an aggressive copay program and the brand team’s initial instinct was to match the competitor’s offer in order to ensure they didn’t lose market share.

Enter Truveris. Our data science team analyzed millions of data points using proprietary algorithms built from longitudinal patient behavior data. Ultimately, this led to the selection of a hyper-efficient copay program focused primarily on reducing patient abandonment. Truveris concurrently worked with the brand’s marketing team to ensure that the program messaging was clear to prescribers. While this program materially differed from others in the past, and differed from their competitor’s offer, the Truveris team was confident that trusting the data would lead to an efficient outcome.


Within months of implementation, the brand increased sales by 8% and reduced program costs by 21%.


Increased Sales



Decreased Costs


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