Segmenting to Drive a Higher ROI

A brand team breaks away from competition and drives higher ROI by targeting high value scripts through offer segmentation.


A leading brand in a commoditized class for a chronic condition was facing greater competition every day. The brand team’s main concern was growing script count by improving patient adherence, while maintaining their yearly budget.

Truveris dug deep into the brand’s strategy and brand profile and identified a number of hypotheses for how patient behavior might be different by segment. Our data science team leveraged its proprietary data and algorithms built from longitudinal patient behavior data to explore the sales and budget impact of these potential segmentations. Truveris created a new program that would increase the copay target without increasing abandonment – a solution that would add value to the brand and help them stand out in a crowded class. Truveris targeted higher adherence channels with specialized offers that incentivized patients to move from 30-day scripts to 90-day scripts and provided higher benefits for deductible patients.



Within months of implementation, the number of 90-day scripts run through the program doubled, and abandonment decreased significantly due to high copay deductibles. Over the first year of the program, patient adherence improved by over 7% – driven by the adherence gains from the specialized 90-day offer.


Increased Adherence


Increase in 90-day Scripts

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