Patient Segmentation: How to Lower Costs and Increase Market Share

When an ophthalmology brand’s copay card program was blowing their budget, Truveris implemented a patient segmentation strategy to get them back on track.
For many brands, a change in patient access strategy can be stressful.
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A leading ophthalmology brand was concerned that change through patient segmentation would reduce market share.

But the brand was losing money. Truveris approached the problem by analyzing millions of data points from their copay card program, using proprietary algorithms built from longitudinal patient behavior data.

We found that the brand’s e-voucher program was the problem, and worked to design a patient segmentation strategy to patch the hole left in the brand’s budget.

The result? A 50-basis point increase in market share and a 7% decrease in costs. Download the case study to learn more about Truveris’ strategic approach to patient segmentation.

Download the Case Study: