Navigating Deductible Season

How Truveris helped two unique brands build targeted programs for spending

efficiently in deductible season.

Deductibles are a growing headache across the health care system.

Increasing numbers of patients are in high deductible plans, and every year the average deductible amount rises.

And with patients paying larger amounts out of pocket at the pharmacy, the burden will be on brands to build smart, comprehensive patient access programs that address this changing landscape.

We hear the same questions from all of our clients. Questions like, “How do I deal with deductibles?” and “How can I help my patients afford their medications during this costly period without blowing my whole year’s budget in the first few months?”

If these questions sound familiar, we can help. Download the full case study for two examples of how we helped two very different brands, with very different market needs, successfully navigate the dreaded deductible period.

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