How a Mid-sized Bank Found Contract Savings with an Existing PBM

A mid-size bank compared PBM contract offers to secure 21.6% in savings
TruBid Express helped this mid-size bank negotiate with their incumbent PBM for a more competitive bid.
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A mid-sized bank was looking to find a more competitive PBM contract, but didn’t want to change providers.

Using the TruBid Express platform, the bank compared several PBMs to find their largest savings opportunity. In this case, switching to a new PBM won out, with all competing PBMs offering over 15% in savings. But the bank was reluctant to switch, and ultimately wanted to stay with the incumbent PBM.

Because of the TruBid Express price comparison, the bank’s broker was able to negotiate with the incumbent PBM for a more competitive bid. As a result, the bank was able to keep their current PBM while also securing 21.6% in contract savings.

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