Is a $0 Copay the Right Strategy for Your Brand’s Copay Program?

When a dermatology brand’s sales reps were pushing a $0 copay, Truveris analyzed the data to determine the true impact of the offer.
A $0 copay can be effective, but it can also be a costly distraction.

To understand the true cost of a no-cost copay program, it’s important to understand the data behind a $0 copay.

After a slight increase in sales from a $0 copay, a dermatology brand wanted to understand the real value of a no-cost offer. While the brand’s sales team was behind the $0 copay, Truveris uncovered that the offer wasn’t doing the brand any favors. In fact, it was creating a break-even point that was even farther out of reach.

To meet in the middle, Truveris devised a strategy that took into account patient affordability, while also creating stronger sales incentives.

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