Helping You Answer Tough PBM Management Questions


Keeping your clients members healthy without breaking the budget is much easier said than done. 

Prescription drug prices are rising, and brokers face critical PBM management questions every day. How much should prescriptions really cost? Are you getting the best PBM contract terms available?


Truveris Is Here to Help


We support brokers throughout the PBM management process so you can make informed, objective decisions about pharmacy benefits. We help you save your clients and their members money, and ensure accurate billing - all with minimal disruption.

Guiding You Beyond the PBM RFP Process

If you’re like many benefit leaders, preparing for a PBM RFP is an overwhelming process and the extent of your pharmacy benefit management. At Truveris, we see it differently.

From ongoing contract oversight, to auditing, to managing an RFP, our pharmacy benefit experts apply big data analytics to help you avoid inappropriate prescription drug costs and hold your clients' PBMs accountable to the terms of their contracts.

No matter where you clients are in their pharmacy benefit contract, Truveris can help.

Our Services

TruBid is a cloud-based reverse auction platform that simplifies and optimizes the RFP process for PBM contracts.
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The industry’s first and largest online PBM marketplace to give brokers and their small and mid-sized clients fast access to objective, transparent, and competitive PBM offers.
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Monitor bills on an ongoing basis and check every claim to ensure you and your clients' members are being billed accurately.
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Audit your PBM to make sure they’re adhering to the terms of your contract
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We Understand the PBM Management Challenges Brokers Face

Accounting for the rising cost of specialty drugs without shifting the burden to plan members

Lack of consistency and transparency in individual prescription drug prices

Knowing whether you’re getting your clients the best deal in the PBM RFP process

Monitoring the claims process to ensure you’re getting your clients the benefits laid out in their PBM contract

We Have the Technology, People, and Insights to Help You Stand Apart

Our blog posts, case studies, white papers, and newsletter are full of insights, news, & analysis from our industry experts to best help you and your clients understand pharmacy benefits.

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